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Musicians for Medical Marijuana is dedicated to raising public awareness of the challenges facing medical cannabis patients, their caregivers, and physicians. We are working to provide accurate, timely information about medical cannabis, and to facilitate access to physicians, lawyers, and medical cannabis providers’ associations.

Our benefit concerts provide an opportunity to educate and entertain concert-goers. More importantly, they provide a venue for building a support network for those who benefit from this natural medicine.  Musicians for Medical Marijuana will continue to facilitate access to information and professional help.  We will be there to give patients and their loved ones the support they need to stay healthy and safe.


Musicians for Medical Marijuana was initially conceived by medical cannabis patient and musician, Bill Barth, following his visit to California in 1999.  Bill lived in the Netherlands, where access to safe and affordable medical cannabis is taken for granted.  He was disturbed to find that patients were still struggling to get their medication — and sometimes facing criminal penalties, even after voters passed Proposition 215.  Having spent a lifetime playing the blues music of the Mississippi Delta, Bill knew many musicians relied on cannabis to treat their illnesses.  He conceived an organization that would use the power of great music and the popularity of famous performers to spread the word about medical cannabis.

In February of 2000, Bill teamed up with William “Buzzy” Linhart, author of Bette Middler’s Friends, and local activist Don Duncan to found Musicians for Medical Marijuana. Together, they sought out the help of Producer Alan Goodman. The organization began hosting benefit concerts in San Francisco in May 2000.  Sadly, Bill Barth passed away before he could see a single one of our benefit shows.


Since May 2000, Musicians for Medical Marijuana has hosted eight benefit concerts with such notable performers as Steve Kimock, Harvey Mandel, Vince Welnick, Terry Haggerty, and Country Joe McDonald.  In addition to our own all-star band, the Cannabis Healers, we have also hosted SunFur, Jemimah Puddleduck, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Cosmic Mercy, members of the Dave Nelson Band, Fact or Fiction, Taos Hum, Shelly Doty X-Tet, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Lost At Last, Dark Star Orchestra and more.  Check our Gigs page for more information on past and future shows.

These benefit shows have given us an opportunity to meet and talk to thousands of patients and concerned community members. We have distributed over ten thousand pieces of educational literature entitled: Hemp for Health, Your Rights Under Proposition 215, and How to Use Medical Marijuana which have helped countless patients. Our own publication, Talking to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana, is designed to help patients discuss their medical use with their personal physician. We also offer sample physician’s statements and copies of Proposition 215 for doctors.  We have a new brochure: What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for You and are currently working on another one: How to Protect Your Garden.

At every show, special guest speakers keep the crowd up to date on the latest developments. They also let patients know what they can do to get personally involved with our work. We help members participate in rallies, political meetings, and other events all over California. A doctor and lawyer are always on hand to answer patients’ questions.

After talking with patients at our shows, we realized that many people were unable to obtain a recommendation for legal medical cannabis use. To solve this problem, we helped establish Bay Area Health Services (BAHS), a reputable and professional referral service for patients in need of a legal medical recommendation. We are proud to say that BAHS adheres to the highest possible legal and medical standards. We are confident that patients who use this service will be fully protected under the law. For detailed information on BAHS check the Rx Info Page.  To date, Musicians for Medical Marijuana has sponsored twelve patients to receive recommendations.

We have teamed up with WALSTIB Productions to fill the role of Creative Director for Musicians for Medical Marijuana.  WALSTIB Productions handles the merchandising as well as the design, maintenance and promotion our website,  This is the place to look for the latest information on upcoming events and performers.  It is also a place for patients to find resources and information.  Our On-Line Store and Membership pages give supporters an opportunity to join Musicians for Medical Marijuana and buy exclusive merchandise created for us by some of the most talented artists out there today.

This summer promises to be an exciting time.  Musicians for Medical Marijuana will be assisting the Alliance of Berkeley Patients in its fight to repeal unreasonable restrictions on medical cannabis patients adopted by the Berkeley City Council. We co-hosted a special Patients Congress and demonstration in May.  Musicians for Medical Marijuana also participated in the 5th Annual 420 Hemp Festival on April 20th, and the Cannabis Freedom Day on May 5th. 

Besides all of this, we also plan to bring you some very big bands and even larger shows. You won’t want to miss anything!  We sincerely hope to see you at all of our events this year.


Musicians for Medical Marijuana is supported entirely by your contributions. Most of our performers and personnel donate their time.  A large portion of our income comes from ticket sales. We also receive revenue from individual donations, paid memberships, and merchandise sales. 

Last year’s expenses helped us pursue our goals of educating the public and facilitating access to doctors. The monies raised and spent continue to be an investment in our future. Musicians for Medical Marijuana has established a reputation for great music and professional productions. This will serve us well in the years to come.


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