Does Costco Drug Test Applicants?

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Does Costco Drug Test Applicants?

If you’re looking forward to working at Costco, the drug test should be kept in mind and prepared for. Costco has a very strict ‘no drugs’ policy regarding their employees. Therefore, when you have your work shift, you absolutely can not consume any form of drugs or alcohol.

Costco provides a great work environment and perks to their employees. It is why many people prefer working for the wholesaler rather than other big corporations. So, it’s imperative to remain aware of the drug tests and policies Costo has set for employees to increase your chances of getting hired.

Now, what kind of drug test does Costco use? What do they prefer: Costco random drug test or that is a pre-announced procedure?  And what are the crucial details to remember before applying for a position there? Keep reading to find out.

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Costco – The Wholesale Giant

Costco is a multinational corporation based in America. It is a giant and was ranked the third top retailer in the World in 2020. So naturally, the employees of such a huge corporation need to be active and fit to deal with thousands of customers and everyday tasks.

Prescription drugs and drug testing for employment are not new concepts. Many big retail giants have clear and strict policies regarding drug use on company premises. The same is the case with Costco.

This wholesaler has clear rules and regulations regarding alcohol and drug use for employees. Whether you are a cashier, manager, or another position holder, Costo has laid down the same drug regulations for every employee.

Here’s how the initial drug tests are conducted before Costco hires a new employee.

Costco’s Drug Testing

So, whether you’re in the pre-employment phase or have been working on the company premises for some time, you must pass the Costco the drug test whenever required. Failing to do so can result in loss of the job opportunity or temporary suspension.

Most of the time, you must perform a mouth swab drug test. This method is fast and provides reliable results. But, if the test doesn’t work, a urine drug test will be required. The samples will then be sent to a laboratory to get results.

Costco’s drug testing policy states that all current and potential employees should be free from the influence of unauthorized substances when they’re on duty. Therefore, employees must cooperate whenever the company asks for health screening or testing. Failing to do so can harm their job position, so if you’re an avid drinker, it’s wise to use detox pills for drug test at Costco.

The Costco at-home drug test kits are not essential for the employees. But, they can be helpful if one stays updated about their health and monitors alcohol use. These kits are reliable yet not necessary. A simple drug test conducted by the company will suffice.

Structure of the Drug Testing

The Costco random drug test is performed in a structured way. There are a few rules that the company follows to test new employees. So, once the selection process is complete, here’s how the Costco pre-employment drug screen test will be conducted:

  1. The selected employees and applicants will have to sign a consent form. It is vital to give consent to authorize the test
  2. The applicants will then be sent to testing centers that are compliant with the company regulations
  3. Each individual’s samples will be collected in private. The collectors are certified, and they use collection containers that are approved and secure
  4. The samples are then moved to a certified and reliable lab. Once the screening starts, each sample is marked positive or negative
  5. The negative ones are reported simultaneously, while the positive samples are then analyzed by another procedure called GC-MS
  6. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry test is used to evaluate the samples for drugs further
  7. Costco then sends over the result to every candidate
  8. The company also provides the candidates an opportunity to get their samples retested by another laboratory for satisfaction. The saliva drug test kit Costco uses is pretty reliable, and it seldom happens that the results are wrong or unsatisfactory

Costco Drug Testing Policy

If you’re wondering, does Costco drug test you on the first interview? Then here’s your answer.

When it comes to the drug test, Costco doesn’t necessarily ask for it on the first interview. Usually, before a new applicant gets hired, they have to undergo various interview phases. At times, one might appear in 3 to 4 interviews before he gets hired.

In that case, drug testing is not done until the hiring process is successful. But, if the position requires only one interview, the candidate will be tested then and there. So, familiarizing yourself with the company’s policies and rules is important.

If you’re a potential employee applying for a position at Costco, you need to be aware of the rules and drug tests they ask for. During the hiring and interview phase, you’ll be required to perform a mouth swab test known as the saliva drug test on the spot. The applicants’ saliva is taken under direct supervision and then sent to a lab.

This test is done under ten minutes, and the substances remain detectable for around 48 hours. Hence, it is a pretty effective testing method. However, here it is imperative to mention that Costco won’t hire the applicant if the results come out positive. Additionally, they will have to wait up to a year to apply again.

Also, if you’re in the phase of interviews and not finalized, you won’t be required to perform a drug test. However, you’ll have to go through the testing after Costo offers you a position.

Here are the substances you’ll be tested for in your pre-joining period:

  • Meth
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine

Once the hiring process is done, the company will not necessarily ask for a drug test until there’s any suspicion. Therefore, it’s wise to stay prepared. Using unauthorized substances on duty can be detrimental to the company’s image and also to the employees’ work prospects. Therefore, being drug and alcohol-free is vital for Costco’s workplace regulations.

Different Kinds of Drug Tests at Costco

There are various kinds of drug tests Costco uses. These help the company keep track of employees and their behavior. The four different types of tests that Costco does include

  1. Pre-Employment Testing
  2. Random Testing
  3. Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  4. Post-Accident Testing

Pre-Employment Testing is a prescription drug and drug testing for employment in the company. Every new employee needs to pass Costco drug test to be eligible to work at the wholesale company. The company doesn’t prohibit the use of every drug and alcohol-based item. But, the employees must be careful when they’re on the company premises.

The pre-employment test is also vital as it gives Costco a relatively clear image of the applicant’s behavior. Therefore, there are strict regulations regarding the rule. Therefore, the initial drug test is necessary, no matter the applicant’s position.

Regarding Random Testing, the company can perform an instant drug test whenever they suspect an employee. The company is pretty clear regarding the use of drugs, and no employee is exempt from the rule. Especially the workers who deal with heavy machinery or food items can be subjected to a random tests regularly.

Costco reserves the right to perform a random test whenever they deem fit. So, one never knows when their name can get shortlisted for one. Therefore, it’s imperative to remain drug-free at all times.

While working, none of the employees can drink, have opened cans of alcohol (including the lunch break), or be under the influence of any drug. The use of inhalants is also prohibited while working. If the company suspects any odd behavior, it can test employees anytime, and failure to comply with the testing process can result in termination.

The Reasonable Suspicion Test is based on suspicion and employee behavior. For example, if a worker is under the influence of alcohol or smells weird, the company manager can ask for a drug test to rule out the use of drugs or other substances.

Drug suspicions can arise if an employee shows any of the following unnatural behaviors:

  • Drowsiness or unsteady movements
  • Clumsiness or unresponsive behavior
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Inability to follow instructions

The employees who undergo this process will be kept off work without pay until the results come clear. The employee will be laid off in case of a positive drug test report.

Lastly, Post-Accidental Testing is a test that an employee undergoes in case of an accident or mishap. A worker who is involved in a mishap or makes an unnatural mistake while operating heavy machinery can raise drug and alcohol use concerns.

Those employees are then asked for a post accidental test to clear their names. Whenever this test is conducted, the individual is kept off heavy machinery and sensitive equipment until the tests clear.

Does Costco Drug Test New Employees in 2022

Yes, Costco does test new employees in 2022. It is one of the significant wholesale retailers, and the employees must always be sober to deal with heavy machines and shipments and assist customers.

The drug test is a necessity if you’re getting hired for Costco. Apart from the test, employees also have to sign a consent form to authorize the test. Once the initial testing is done, there won’t be regular drug tests until an employee shows suspicious behavior.


If you want to offer your services to Costco, you need to be aware of and follow the rules they’ve set for each employee. In addition, health screening is one of the top priorities of the corporation as it helps them keep track of employees and their capabilities. So, drug-free is essential if you want to be a part of this retail giant and improve your job prospects.


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