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One of the greatest unmet needs of medical cannabis patients today is the need for affordable access to legal help.  In an emergency situation, a qualified patient may need a lawyer to defend his or her rights to possess and cultivate medication.  But, patients often find that such legal help is too expensive.

Do you know what to do if you are detained by a law enforcement officer and possess medical cannabis?   Does your landlord object to you cultivating medical cannabis?  Does your job or school require drug testing?

Musicians for Medical Marijuana and the Berkeley Patients Group have joined forces with Pre-Paid Legal Services of California to offer medical cannabis patients an affordable legal program. For only $17 per month you can be guaranteed access to an attorney.  Pre-Paid Legal offers Legal Service Plans to provide access to justice for middle-income individuals and families. The plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. Have you ever wanted legal advice on a credit matter?  Have you ever wanted legal assistance with the purchase of a home?  Have you ever needed legal services in writing or revising your Will?  For just pennies a day, you can protect you and your family’s legal rights.  Free Legal Information is available at the Pre-Paid Online Resource Center.  All in one place you have access to free legal contracts, documents, and other forms. 

**As properly executed contracts (including caregiver agreements) are legally binding, we recommend you have a lawyer review any legal document you sign BEFORE you sign.**

For $16/month and a one time $10 enrollment fee, the Pre-Paid Legal Standard Plan provides members and their families access to the legal services they need most. Plan benefits include:

  • Preventive legal services
  • Motor vehicle legal defense services
  • Trial defense services
  • Audit services
  • A 25% discount off legal services not specifically covered by the membership.

Those covered by the membership plan include the individual who purchases the membership along with their spouse and unmarried children living at home up to age 21 or up to age 23 if the children are full time college students. Also included are children up to age 18 for whom the member is legal guardian and any dependent child, regardless of age, who is mentally or physically disabled. 

The $1/month  Legal Shield provides members with 24-hour access to a toll-free number for attorney assistance if the member is arrested or detained.  A quick call to the toll-free number puts the member in touch with the Corporate Office who will then put the member in contact with his/her provider lawyer. Medical cannabis patients can not afford to be without this valuable service. Legal Shield plan can be added to the Expanded or Standard Plan for only $1 a month.   Don’t wait until you are in legal trouble. Request your application today by e-mailing Musicians for Medical Marijuana at [email protected] or by calling the Berkeley Patients Group at (510) 540-6013.

The main reasons people don’t seek legal counsel are: 

  • They are intimidated by lawyers.  The law firms providing services under our plan are service-oriented.  In order to meet our selection criteria, they must understand and empathize with our members’ legal problems.
  • They don’t know who to call.  We take the guesswork out of selecting quality legal counsel. Our Provider Law Firms are selected after extensive investigation and are closely monitored to ensure our members receive top-quality service.
  •  They believe it would cost too much.  Pre-Paid Legal has the combined buying power of members across North America. As a result, when you call your Provider Law Firm when you have a legal need, you represent one of their largest clients- a significant incentive for providing quality, responsive services.

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